Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paper Dalia Medallion


I've had my Pinterest account for two months, and I love the collection of DIY ideas.  See my "DIY Recommendations" Board for some fun finds.  I re-pinned this from Vively Online (Paper Medallion Wall Hanging) that I had to try.

I started following the instructions to glue the book pages into cones and then glue the cones onto the round cardboard. After shaping a few cones, I realized there was a less messy and faster process.

I used a stapler to attach the cones to the board and I was able to finish the project in under an hour.  

1.  Two cardboard pieces
2.  One book
3.  Stapler/Staples
4.  Glue
5.  Ribbon
6.  Push pin


1. Cut two round shapes from a flat piece of cardboard.  My circles were 15".  This cardboard piece had creases, which worked fine.  

Tip:  You can paint the sides of the two board white if you don't want to see the cardboard from the sides once it is finished.

2.  Line up the two circles and glue them together.  You will need to do this because the staples will stick through one cardboard piece.  Or you can use a thicker piece of cardboard.
3.  I roll the pages of a old book of jokes I had intended to donate.  The pages were 6" x 8".

4.  Decide how far above the edge of the cardboard your first row of pedals will stick out. I extended the rolls 4" outside the board. 

Tip:  I did not glue or staple the cones before stapling them to the board.  I opened the stapler and pushed down the staple through the paper and cardboard.

5.  After your first row or layer, overlap the next row between the previous pedals.

Row One

Row Two

Row Three

Row Four

Row Five

By chance, the book I used separated its chapters with gray color paper. I used these sheets for row three.

As you get to the center of the medallion, you will need to shorten the rolls of paper.  I started off with 3" rolls and by the time I got to the center I was cutting 1" rolls.

Use glue to affix the center pedals.

Use glue to affix the center pedals

Medallion completed in one hour

I glued a ribbon to the back of the board and pinned it to the top of the door (see the first photo).

After the holiday's I intend to hang the medallion over a bed. No need to store it! 

The paper medallion was also spotted at Nesting Place.

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