Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grilled Kohlrabi (wk30)

Kohlrabi Center Row
This spring I was given a few starter plants of kohlrabi.

I graciously accepted them, and then came home and looked it up. 

What is Kohlrabi?

Kohlrabi or German Turnip is a cultivar of the cabbage. It grows large leaves that radiate out of a round bulb (the fruit) that grows above ground. 


What does it tastes like?

Its texture and taste resembles a broccoli stem, but milder and sweeter.

How to prepare it?
You can eat the Kohlrabi bulb raw or cooked, and the leaves can be steamed and prepared like collard greens.

Cooking Kohlrabi

Grilled Kohlrabi with Pine Nuts
- 2 kohlrabi bulbs, 2-3”
- 3 tablespoons of olive oil
- 1 lime, juice
- salt/pepper

Kohlrabi center
1.  Clip all leaves off next to the base of the bulb, and set aside. 
2.  Cut the skin off the bulb.  The base of the bulb can be stringy, so be sure to cut this section off. 
3.  Grate the bulbs.
4.  In a skillet, grill the grated kohlrabi with the olive oil.
5.  When the kohlrabi begins to brown, pour in lime juice, and season with salt and pepper.
6.  Garnish:  Add pine nuts, or chop parsley.

Kohlrabi Leaves

Cooking Kohlrabi Leaves:
- 2 kohlrabi leaves
- 3 tablespoons of olive oil
- 1 large sliced yellow onion
- 1 lime, juice
- salt/pepper

1.  Wash the leaves in cool water.
2.  Cut off the stems and center vein off the leaves.
3.  With scissors or a knife cut the leaves into 1 – 2” pieces. 
4.  In a deep skillet, boil water to blanch the leaves. Cook until leaves turn a deeper green.
5.  Strain all the water from the leaves.
6.  In a skillet, warm olive oil (I pre-warmed pepper flakes in olive oil for an extra kick and flavor), and grill onions until tender.
7.  Add cooked kholrabi leaves, lime juice, and add salt and pepper.  Continue to grill until leaves become tender.

Serve grilled kohlrabi leaves just like collard green.